Research Outline

To understand the purchasing priorities and process of selection and purchase of executive coaching at companies with more than 500M in revenue


  • Where do they typically begin looking? Referrals? LinkedIn? Larger coaching firms?
  • How do they move towards an investment in coaching services and who makes those decisions? How much does price drive the decision?
  • What levels of leadership get executive coaching?
  • What is the range of coaching fees for c-level leaders and what is the average length of a coaching engagement?

Early Findings

Initial research areas
  • The executive coaching industry in the US was reportedly worth $15bn in 2019, up 5.6% from the previous year.
  • Initial searches found there are a substantial number of companies providing Exective Coaching services, ranging from consultancy to comprehensive training and certification programs, details of which are provided online.
  • These companies mostly detail their successes, particularly with large corporations and big business, on their websites. A lot of insights about the habits and processes of businesses seeking executive coaching can be found here.
  • Conclusive information about the average cost, company spend and engagement is available from research of services within the industry.
  • A number of articles have been published, where CEOs and key personnel discuss in detail there requirements from executive coaching, and their strategy. From here it is possible inferences can be made about the priorities of these companies.
  • Examples of census data and industry reports provide specific information about levels of coaching, and challenges to executive coaching and leadship development
  • There is a lack of clearly defined published information on the selection process and purchasing priorities for large companies, however there is enough industry data we can make inferences on most of the key goals required
  • Where companies begin looking, and the process of beginning and decision making for exectuive coaching is information that will mostly need to be inferred from industry services providers, articles, quotes and interviews from senior figures at large companies with regard to their thoughts and ideas on executive coaching
  • Questions about the fees, length of engagement and levels of leadership can be answered more directly from available information online