Social Media Insights Services


To obtain a list of service providers or platforms, globally, that offer social media insights reporting services, as well as 5-10 examples of social media insights best in class reports.

Early Findings

  • Likealyzer is a social media analytics tool that provides insight about a Facebook Page. It audits a Facebook Page and provides metrics like posts per day, timing, length of posts, and engagement per post.
  • This analytics service "also grades the Page’s performance based on more than 70 different data points, and offers recommendations for improvement based on the results".
  • A screenshot of the simplified overview and recommendations provided by Likealyzer can be found here.
  • According to a Sprout Social article, some of the best social media analytics tools include Sprout Social, Awario, TapInfluence, BuzzSumo, Snaplytics, Curalate, Keyhole, Google Analytics, ShortStack, and SHIELDApp.
  • Sprout Social provides reports that are easy-to-understand and presentation-ready.
  • The Sprout service allows a user to receive a templated reported or customize the report to suit the user's needs. It provides a user with multiple ways to gather vital social metrics and to truly understand what those metrics mean.
  • TapInfluence is an analytics platform that is tailored to providing insight related to influencer marketing. It provides metrics such as engagement rate, reach, "and the potential price tag behind any given influencer".
  • TapInfluence presents "relevant influencer metrics in black and white", thereby enabling brands to have a clear understanding of whether a potential relationship would be beneficial.

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