Microsoft Collections


Provide insights surrounding uptake, usage and user satisfaction with Microsoft Collections for shopping, including data and direct quotes/comments from users.

Early Findings

  • Microsoft Edge is a web browsing tool that allows users to save and organized websites, as well as selected images and text, in collections for future reference. Users can add notes to each collection, as well as share information from collections in email.

Shopping-Specific Collection's Features

  • According to Windows Central, Microsoft is "seeing high usage of the Collections feature when looking for items to buy on the internet." As such, they are developing tools to further boost the use of Collections for shopping, including a price comparison feature.
  • Another feature intended to support those using Microsoft Collections for shopping is the integration between Pinterest and Collections. The integration will allow users to collect gift or shopping ideas into Collections, and then Pinterest will suggest other similar items from Pinterest at the bottom of the Collections page that can be helpful in identifying new or additional items to purchase.


  • The research team was unable to identify any usage statistics for Collections. Most usage statistics were focused on the Edge browser in general.

User Reviews

  • Some users felt that the Collections feature was most useful for research projects, but was not much more useful than bookmarks. One user on Reddit stated "They are basically the same (or maybe slightly worse than) as favorites if you are just bookmarking sites. No real benefit. There is also a comparison shopping feature that I personally don't use much. But they are excellent for research projects. I use them to store text snippings from web pages, images etc from websites. It is stored along with the link. Then add notes to them and export the whole thing to Word or OneNote along with sources and notes. Can't do that with simple favourites, and is a great help."
  • However, other users feel that the feature is useful: "I recently used it for comparative shopping. Collected some products and exported to Excel for final comparison using tables."

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