Research Outline

US Cookware Market


To understand the customer demographics in the cookware market in the United States.

Early Findings

Cookware Market Size

Categories of Cookware

  • Categories in the cookware market in the US include cooking sets, fry pans/saute pans/skillets, and sauce pans.
  • "US kitchen and cookware stores already account for $15.2 billion in annual sales, and that’s just from specialized stores like Williams Sonoma and Sur La Table, not mass-market retailers like Macy’s or Bed Bath & Beyond. The result has been a surge in saucepan sales."
  • "Several cookware lines have appeared on the market in recent years that market themselves as “green.”
  • As per predictions in 2018, 73.2% of US consumers will purchase fry pan, 54.2% saucepan, 38.1% 8-piece cookware set, while 34.6% will purchase stockpot/soup pot.

Demographics of Cookware Consumers

  • "Millennials are beginning to settle down, establish homes, and increasingly invest in kitchen goods, but at the same time, baby boomers are beginning to downsize and are happy to unload a pantry full of scratched-up pans in favor of something new. On top of that, both generations are cooking more to respond to health concerns, he said, leading to a market that hasn’t seen such an uptick in sales since the 1970s."

Cookware Sales Channel

  • 18% of cookware sales are now made online as compared to 14% in 2015.