US Cookware Market


To understand the customer demographics in the cookware market in the United States.

Early Findings

Cookware Market Size

Categories of Cookware

  • Categories in the cookware market in the US include cooking sets, fry pans/saute pans/skillets, and sauce pans.
  • "US kitchen and cookware stores already account for $15.2 billion in annual sales, and that’s just from specialized stores like Williams Sonoma and Sur La Table, not mass-market retailers like Macy’s or Bed Bath & Beyond. The result has been a surge in saucepan sales."
  • "Several cookware lines have appeared on the market in recent years that market themselves as “green.”
  • As per predictions in 2018, 73.2% of US consumers will purchase fry pan, 54.2% saucepan, 38.1% 8-piece cookware set, while 34.6% will purchase stockpot/soup pot.

Demographics of Cookware Consumers

  • "Millennials are beginning to settle down, establish homes, and increasingly invest in kitchen goods, but at the same time, baby boomers are beginning to downsize and are happy to unload a pantry full of scratched-up pans in favor of something new. On top of that, both generations are cooking more to respond to health concerns, he said, leading to a market that hasn’t seen such an uptick in sales since the 1970s."

Cookware Sales Channel

  • 18% of cookware sales are now made online as compared to 14% in 2015.

Proposed next steps:

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Our initial research suggests that insights for the cookware market in the US are widely available. We recommend focused searches for each part of the research including 1) Cookware market size (dollar amount and units sold), 2) Demographics of cookware consumers (who buys - age, income, frequency, purchase value, etc., how much they spend, key life moments/indicators), 3) Breakdown of market by type (e.g. stainless, aluminum, stainless clad, cast iron, etc.), 4) Breakdown by regions in the US and the number of people buying cookware. Please note that the initial report broke down the market according to cookware, bakeware, and utensils, this research will start from scratch and provide up-to-date insights on the breakdown of the market and how it stands presently. Scope can be adjusted if research is focused on only a few of the above areas.
Alternatively, we can focus on finding only the demographics of US cookware consumers (who buys - age, income, frequency, purchase value, etc., how much they spend, key life moments/indicators).