Universities Researching Spintronics & Magnetism


To obtain a list of highly-respected universities that are researching spintronics and magnetism, along with program names and contact information for each.

Early Findings


  • Professor Gang Xiao at Brown University is working with a team to research spintronics and magnetism.
  • Specifically, "Professor Xiao's research is focused on nanoscale magnetism and spintronics, in particular, magnetic tunneling junctions, superlattices, and granular and self-assembled systems".
  • Details of the project, which is operated through Brown University's physics department, can be found on Professor Xiao's research website.
  • Professor Xiao can be reached by email at Gang_Xiao@brown.edu.


  • Researchers in the engineering department at the University of California - Riverside "have reported advances in so-called "spintronic" devices that will help lead to a new technology for computing and data storage".
  • The research group is being led by "Sandeep Kumar, an assistant professor of mechanical engineering" at the university.
  • Several papers have been published concerning the research, including one in the scientific journal Applied Physics Letters.
  • Sandeep Kumar can be reached via email at sandeep.kumar@ucr.edu.


  • Researchers at MIT have been researching magnetism and, as a result, "have now demonstrated experimentally the existence of a fundamentally new kind of magnetic behavior, adding to the two previously known states of magnetism".
  • "The team at MIT, led by Jagadeesh Moodera of the Department of Physics and postdoc Ferhat Katmis, was able to bond together several molecular layers of a topological insulator material called bismuth selenide (Bi2Se3) with an ultrathin layer of a magnetic material, europium sulfide (EuS)."
  • More details about the research, which began in 2013 and is ongoing, can be found on Moodera's website.
  • Moodera can be reached via email at moodera@mit.edu.


  • The leading magnetism research group in Ireland is based out of Trinity College in Dublin.
  • The group was "founded in 1980 by J. M. D. Coey".
  • The group is researching a variety of topics relating to magnetism, including new magnetic materials, spin electronics, permanent magnets, nanofabrication, new instrumentation and methods, novel magnetic phenomena, and magnetic electrochemistry.
  • Professor Coey can be reached via email at jcoey@tcd.ie.

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