Baby Registries Market: Demographics


To identify the demographic profile of people who use baby registries in the US.

Early Findings

  • is a database that contains information on mothers-to-be who have willingly provided their contact information in expectation of receiving information on the latest products and services available. Customer details based on demographics such as gender (100% female), household income, languages spoken, age of children, location, house ownership, etc can be purchased from this website. This is the link to their prenatal information database.
  • The official website of states that it is the largest cooperative prenatal mailing list in the market with over 70,000 mothers-to-be mailing addresses added each week. Based on their statistics, we can conclude that the demographic profile of customers using prenatal products such as baby registries is as follows:
- Aged 30-39: 61% of customers (followed by ages 19-29: 28% of customers)
- Non-Hispanic white: 54% of customers (followed by Hispanic: 23% of customers)
  • According to a news article from Prudential, is the fastest growing baby registry in the US. Demographics of customers who visit this website based on traffic analysis can be accessed by signing up for a free trial on SimilarWeb. Here is the link to its analytics page.


Based on the available information, the demographic profile of customers who use baby registries in the US are female, aged 30-39, and are non-Hispanic white.

Proposed next steps:

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We can continue this research for a more in-depth analysis of the demographics of baby registry users in the US. If the overall market demographics are not directly available, we will expand our search to the customer demographics of key players in the baby registry market. Since we have already found the gender, age, and ethnicity of users who are likely to use baby registries, in our next research we will focus on the following criteria: marital status, education level, and household income.
We can also identify 3-5 of the top players in the baby registry market in the US and provide an overview of their business model, and revenue.