US Universities and Gender of CEOs


To identify the gender mix among the CEOs of the top 10 universities in the US.

Early Findings

  • The LinkedIn free version currently does not have a gender filter in its search results. CNBC states that "for years, LinkedIn’s engineers blocked signals about gender in the ranking system because they wanted to avoid bias." The article further states that Linkedin Premium has recently tweaked its software to reflect the gender distribution of a particular industry on each search page.
  • As an alternative option (since Wonder uses the publicly available LinkedIn free version for research), we have provided the gender breakdown of the first 20 CEOs in the LinkedIn search results of each of the top 10 universities.
1. Princeton University: 14 male, 7 female
2. Harvard University: 13 male, 7 female
3. Columbia University: 17 male, 3 female
4. Massachusetts Institute of Technology: 17 male, 3 female
5. Yale University: 18 male, 2 female
6. Stanford University: 17 male, 3 female
7. University of Chicago: 18 male, 2 female
8. University of Pennsylvania: 16 male, 4 female
9. Northwestern University: 15 male, 5 female
10. Duke University: 17 male, 3 female

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