US Corporations with Overseas Research Centers


To get an understanding of US corporations that have overseas research facilities.

Early Findings

Several American multinationals have a number of overseas research facilities located across different parts of the world. Some examples of US corporations with overseas research facilities include:


  • IBM Corporation has "19 world-class research facilities spread across 12 laboratories on six continents,", and these research facilities are of one of the "world's largest and most influential corporate research labs." These research facilities primarily deal with AI, Blockchain, Quantum computing research segments.
  • Some prominent locations include IBM Research - Africa, Brazil, Ireland, Hafia, China, India, and Zurich.


  • Microsoft is known for its technological innovation; it has several research facilities dealing with AI, applied sciences, and other technology segments. The facilities are located in India, US, UK, and China.


  • Oracle has multiple research labs located across the globe, including Oracle Research Switzerland, Vancouver, Austria, Australia, UK, San Diego, to name a few.


  • Cisco is a leading IT and networking solutions company, and it has a number of research facilities dealing in areas like "IPv6 Centric Networking as a platform for innovation, NDN, DC Virtualization/NFV, Big Data, Video, IoE". These research facilities are located in Brazil, Canada, Germany, Spain, Japan, South Korea, and Australia.


  • Google recently opened its AI research facility in Ghana. The company has several overseas research labs located in locations like "Tokyo, Zurich, New York, and Paris".

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