Research Proposal

US Infection Preventionists


In order to inform a business pitch, provide a full analysis of infection prevention specialists within the US. This will include identifying the different roles of infection preventionists and how infection preventionists interact with other professionals in the course of their work, including hospital administrators, patient safety managers or risk managers. Additionally, provide a psychographic analysis of infection prevention specialists within the US with a focus on their social media habits, preferred media outlets, conferences they attend and leading influencers in the market.

Early Findings


  • Infection preventionists' main goal is to prevent the spread of infection, which means they need to both identify the source (or potential source) of infections as well as ways to stop the infection (or prevent it from spreading in the first place).
  • IPs can work in or consult for any of the following settings: hospitals, outpatient centers, behavioral health centers, dental offices, dialysis centers, long-term care facilities, within public health centers/programs, or in non-healthcare settings like schools or offices.
  • IPs work with a variety of people in the course of their work including doctors and nurses, patients and families, and healthcare or building administrators.

Social Media

  • Using data from SimilarWeb's analysis of the APIC website geared towards professionals, we determined that almost all traffic to this website comes from searches. Currently, the most popular keywords for these searches include "standard vs contat vs droplet precuations" and "chain of infection."
  • It was also identified that audience interests for the APIC website include health, science and education, arts and entertainment, and news and media.
  • Visitors to APIC also visited sites such as, Google docs,,, and


  • One popular conference for IPs is held annually by the Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology. This is "the largest gathering of IPC professionals in the world." The next such conference is scheduled for June 2020 in Phoenix, Arizona.


  • Daniel Kraft M.D. has been identified as an influencer for IPs due to her role as keynote speaker for the above mentioned APIC conference in 2019. Kraft, a Harvard and Standford trained doctor, is Chair of Medicine at Singularity University and is a common speaker on the topic of health, medicine and technology.
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