US Lumbar Spinal Stenosis Market


To understand the Lumbar spinal stenosis market in the United States in order to understand the market opportunities and guide marketing efforts.

Early Findings

  • It is estimated that about 200,000 people in the US have symptoms of lumbar spinal stenosis, however, the exact prevalence 250,000 and 500, unknown. Some other sources estimate that it is between
  • The incidence of lateral nerve entrapment is between 8% and 11%.
  • A study determined that "congenital relative LSS was 4.7% and absolute LSS was 2.6%, acquired relative and absolute LSS was 22.5% and 7.3%, respectively, for 60–69 years old population, the relative and absolute LSS was 47.2% and 19.4%, respectively."
  • While we couldn't find data on the share of people who actively seeking treatment vs. those delaying it, we found that "the rate of lumbar stenosis surgery per 100,000 Medicare beneficiaries is about 135.5–137.5 persons." In addition, a study found that 30% of patients that elected to manage lumbar spinal stenosis via non-surgical treatments eventually requested surgery.
  • The cost of hospital bills for lumbar spinal stenosis for Medicare beneficiaries was about $1.65 billion.

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