US Motorcycle Riders


In order to inform a business pitch to a luxury motorcycle client, provide a demographic profile of motorcycle riders within the US, a customer journey for purchasing a new motorcycle, the motivations of motorcycle riders and potential new audiences, and a competitive analysis of top motorcycle companies (focusing on customer perceptions).

Early Findings


  • The median age of US riders in 2018 was 50, an increase from 25 in 2012, showing a general trend of US riders getting older.
  • Most riders are married, employed, and make around $62,500 per year.
  • In 2018, there was an increase of college-educated riders and female riders within the US.

Motivations & Potential Audiences

  • One potential way to attract new customers is by designing products for and focusing on the sustainability and ecofriendly aspects of motorcycle riding as a mode of everyday transport. This is especially attractive to younger, urban consumers.
  • Common motivations for riding cited by current motorcycle riders are: the speed, the camaraderie, the "freedom of the open road," and "the joy of becoming one with [the] machine."

Competitive Analysis

Customer Journey

  • One barrier that prevents people from buying motorcycles is the perceived danger of riding.
  • Some things customers consider when buying a motorcycle is the type of bike to buy, whether to buy new or used, price, and weight and seat height of the bike.

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