Research Outline

US Realtor Data


To provide data on realtors in the US, including how many real estate agents there are, part time vs. full time, transactions per year for a realtor, typical marketing budget of realtors, as well as breakdown by location and demographics

Early Findings

In 2018, the National Association of Realtors reported 1.3 million realtors in the US. This was an increase from the 1.22 million realtors reported in March 2017.

The average realtor had 10 years of experience, and most typically was an independent contractor affiliated with an independent company.
Most realtors are full time, working on average 40 hours per week.

Realty was most often a second career, with only 5% of realtors having real estate as their first profession.

The average transactions for a realtor was 11 per year, with a median sales volume of $1.8 million.

63% of realtors are female, and were on average age 54. Most attended college and are homeowners.

53% of realtors spend under $5,000 on marketing each year. However 1 out of 8 realtors spend over $20,000. The top 3% spend over $80,000 on annual marketing.

In terms of marketing avenues, 9% of realtors have a blog on real estate, 71% use Facebook, 59% use LinkedIn, and 51% of realtors have had a website for over five years.
NARS provides a monthly report that notes number of realtors per US state. In August 2019, states with the most number of realtors included California, Florida, Texas, and New York.