US School Bus Market Size -2


To obtain the total number of registered school buses in the US, distribution by state, along with class and fuel types.

Early Findings

2017 School Bus Sales by Fuel Type

  • Diesel: 77%.
  • Gasoline: 16%.
  • Propane: 6%.
  • Compressed natural gas (CNG): 1%.
  • Electric: less than 1%.

US Department of Transportation

  • A Motor Fuel & Highway Trust Fund Report is shared monthly with the amount of taxes and sales of gas in each state. It is not separated by car type.
  • Further research on the website did not locate any useful numbers for school buses.

Bureau of Transportation Statistics

  • Motor Bus Transit Route Mileage is shared in a spreadsheet format. Motor bus includes commuter bus, bus, bus rapid transit, and trolleybus. They did not mention school buses.
  • There were no results when looking specifically for school bus information.
  • They also provide State Transportation by the Numbers. This document shared numerous statistics about travel and gas usage within the state, but no mention of school buses.
At this point we pivoted back to the original research as it had the most useful statistics we had located.

2017-2018 Transportation Statistics

  • These are the most current statistics on the website. They state the number of total buses for each state, the owners of the buses, and the number of students transported daily. This would seem the most reliable source available, as school bus would not be on the road transporting students if it was not registered. They also state the total number of school buses in the US (476,150).
  • Additionally, they break down sales by the US, Canada, and North America for 2010-2019 here.
  • The numbers were verified by Axios, who put the total number of buses in the US at 480,000 and stated there were still less than 1% electric.
  • With further research to validate the actual number of buses that run on diesel and other types of fuel, the numbers could be triangulated for the US and the individual states.

Research proposal:

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