Research Outline

US Scooter Market


To understand the scooter market in the US. To determine who the top 5 players are, the number of scooters they are operating, and the number of scooters in each of the largest markets in order to prepare a market analysis.

Early Findings


  • According to NACTO (National Association of City Transportation Officials, NACTO), In 2018, 38.5 million trips were taken on shared scooters.
  • This number of trips has surpassed the previous year's count: 36.5 million trips.
  • Electric scooters have grown to become one of the most used shared transport systems in the US.
  • As of 2018, there were about 85,000 e-scooters available for public use in the US.

The Largest Cities

  • New York has not permitted the use of scooters as officials believe that it would be hazardous to the safety of the already crowded streets.

Los Angeles


  • Chicago launched a pilot program in July for the use of shared scooters. They first let 2,100 scooters into their streets.
  • 10 different companies are providing 250 scooters each.
  • These companies include Bird, Lime, Lyft, Jump, Spin, Sherpa, Bolt, Grüv, Wheels, and VeoRide.
  • After the initial launch, there were about 11,000 trips over the weekend.
  • October 15th will mark the end of this program. At this stage, an evaluation will be carried out to determine whether scooters will be allowed into the city.

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