Research Outline

US VC Retail Technology Investors


To find a suitable fund to lead your Series A funding round, you would like to see a spreadsheet with a list of about 50 US VC funds that have invested in Retail Technology in the past two years and that have a check size between $3 million and $10 million dollars. You would like to know the name, website, location, typical check size, whether they have previously invested in Israeli-based startups, as well as the name and contact information of the relevant partner.

Early Findings

  • Here is a sample of the spreadsheet. It has been created to specifications and a couple of sample funds have been filled in.
  • Crunchbase, a leading investor information database, identified 25 US VC funds that have led Series A investments in Retail Technology startups in the past two years.
  • Out of those 25 funds, 6 have also previously invested in at least one Israeli-based startup. These are the funds that are most relevant to the specified criteria.
  • Additionally, a total of 102 US VC funds have invested in Retail Technology startups in the past two years (did not necessarily lead), and that have also led funding rounds that raised between $5 million and $10 million (not necessarily in Retail Technology companies). This is the second-best option and funds here can be used to supplement the primary list.
  • Khoshla Ventures led a Series A funding round for mTailor for $5.2 million dollars. The lead partner was Vinod Khosla, the founding partner of Khoshla Ventures.
  • Jian24 raised an undisclosed amount is Series A funding from Redpoint. Alex Bard is the partner that has invested in most Retail Technology companies.