Research Outline

USA Corporate Training Market


To understand the corporate training market in the USA, and, specifically, how the company Hone fits into the market and compares to its competitors. The ultimate goal is gain a greater understanding of the market to predicate an investment in Hone.

Early Findings

  • Hone is trying to position itself as a disrupter in the corporate training market. They aim to combine research, technology, AI and science to create an accessible, online leadership development experience.
  • The company was only founded last year. They claim they are trying to update the 'outdated' $30 billion corporate training industry.
  • The platform offers a live training platform for administering and measuring training for teams and employees across a company. The training is delivered live, online and can be tracked within the system.
  • Hone offers a wide variety of training, from manager coaching, diversity & inclusion training, conflict resolution and so on.
  • The coaches that work for Hone are certified, with an average 10 years experience and are thoroughly vetted before joining Hone.
  • Hone does not disclose its pricing, as is typical with companies in this space. Pricing is only available upon request and is likely dependent on number of users, number of programs desired and other metrics.
  • Our initial research identified that while Hone is trying to position itself as unique, some competitors in the same space are Train Smart, Mind Tools, WalkMe and NovoEd. Though we found that these competitors generally ran learning management systems, which allow companies to write the training rather than having it already pre-compiled. Finding true competitors for Hone was difficult and they may not exist.
  • A report from MarketWatch identifies the key players in the US corporate training industry as Skillsoft, GP Strategies, MHI Global, Articulate, Computer Generated Solutions and New Horizons Computer Learning Centers.