USA Manufacturers of Woven Polypropylene-Coated Material for Underlayment in Roofing.


To find a new supplier by identifying a list of USA manufacturers (company name, capabilities, location) of woven polypropylene-coated materials for roofing underlayment.

Early Findings

  • Located in Miami, Florida, USA, Texene manufactures synthetic roof underlayment fabrics that are resistant to moisture, 100% recyclable, resistant to slip & tear resistance and allow for quick roof repair.
  • The company’s products are offered in polypropylene or polyethylene substrate with extrusion coating.
  • They have woven polypropylene substrate extrusion coated with slip resistance, and woven high-density polyethylene extrusion coated with slip resistance.
  • Located in Harleysville, Pennsylvania, USA, Underlayment Specialties Plus, manufactures RoofTopGuard II Premium Synthetic Underlayment that has a 5-layer polypropylene/polyethylene for high strength.
  • Atlas Roofing utilizes new technology to produce various roofing products, including light woven polypropylene synthetic underlayment. The company is located in Atlanta, Georgia. The products are designed for tear resistance and
  • Other roofing underlayment manufacturers include IKO Industries, InterWrap Inc., TAMCO Group, MB Technology, and PolyGlass USA Inc., as listed here.

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