Research Outline

USDA THC Testing Guidelines


To determine the actual planted number of hemp grown per state.

Early Findings

Hemp Growth Per State

  • As mentioned in the previous strategy, the number of acres hemp grown per state in 2018 was Montana 22,000; Colorado 21,578; Oregon 7,808; Kentucky 6,700; Tennessee 3,338; North Carolina 3,184; North Dakota 2,778; New York 2,240; Nevada 1,881; Wisconsin 1,850; Vermont 1,820; Minnesota 710; Pennsylvania 580; Maine 550; Oklahoma 445; South Carolina 256; West Virginia 155; Washington 142; Virginia 135; Massachusetts 21; Indiana 5; Hawaii 2; Illinois 1; Nebraska 0.5.
  • Approximately 1,000-1,600 plants are grown per acre.
  • One acre of hemp can produce approximately 700 pounds of grain. This can be pressed into approximately 22 gallons of oil and 530 pounds of meal.
  • One acre can also yield 5,300 pounds of straw, which can be made into 1,300 pounds of fiber.
  • Accordingly, the approximate number of plants grown (assuming 1,000 plants per acre are grown) and the grain and straw produced in each state has been estimated and provided on this spreadsheet.

Summary of Findings

  • During the initial hour of research, we sought figures on hemp grown per state.
  • All information found was on the number of acres grown per state. No actual figures were available on the hemp yield per state. Articles found confirmed that there is no detailed market information on hemp readily available.
  • Therefore, the number of plants, grains and straws were estimated and provided on a spreadsheet