Customer Journey: End-to-End Travel Experience


To obtain information about the consumer journey for the end-to-end travel experience including activities done at each stage and any relevant statistics to be used in interviews with target users.

Early Findings

  • 13% of the average traveler tends to spend some time doing travel-related activities online.
  • A recent Think With Google survey of 7,000 travelers found that travelers continue searching for inspiration online after they have made their booking and that they typically choose brands that can satisfy their emotional and functional needs for the trip.
  • The customers perceive their needs as being more important than price. This would also benefit brands since "needs-based bookings are more valuable than price-based ones".
  • Small details that consumers pay attention to prior to booking includes comfortable hotel beds, availability based on the time of the day, and in-flight entertainment.
  • Research conducted by Accenture showed that over 67% of consumers want personalized communication to help inspire their planning and less than 50% believe what they receive from brands are irrelevant.
  • Consumers gravitate to companies they remember or those that helped to inspire plans for their trip with relevant recommendations by using data that was gathered from their previous purchase history.
  • In 2018, 83% of consumers were making their own travel arrangements rather than using travel agents.

Proposed next steps:

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