"So You Can Human" Tagline Analysis for Asian Markets


Determine how well the tagline "So you can human" would be received in Asian markets through translation, particularly relating to the usage of "human" as a verb.

Early Findings

It is very possible that a tagline such as "So you can human" would translate well into Asian markets due to its directness, use of a translatable present infinitive verb in "human," and examples of similar taglines being received well across languages.
  • One major slogan, "Baidu it, then you know" has been used successfully in the Chinese market with the noun to verb change similar to "So you can human." This is seen as a positive relation from object to verb, similar to how it is used in the English language.
  • The use of "human" as a verb in this tagline is not conjugated, so it is possible that "So you can human" would translate into three major Asian languages, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean without expressing a verb meaning that is not used often or is not present at all in the language.
  • There are numerous key differences in the way language is expressed from Chinese to English. These often lead to regular confusion due to syntax preferences across the languages in direct translation. Some of these errors may be due to differences in directness which do not seem particularly present in the tagline "So you can human."

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