Research Outline

Healthcare Market In Houston


An overiew of the healthcare landscape in Houston to include the market size, market drivers, leading companies, and growth rate of the industry in general and specific segments like healthcare services, medical devices & hospital supplies manufacturers, medical insurance & managed care, and pharmaceuticals & related segments.

Early Findings

  • Houston's healthcare industry employs more than 366,000 workers. The city is home to the largest medical facility in the world, Texas Medical Center.
  • The city has over 85 hospitals, which are filled with more than 19,000 beds. Almost 5 million patients visit these hospitals annually.
  • In Houston, the healthcare industry creates more jobs than any other industry.
  • Overall, the state of Texas reportedly spends over $42.9 billion on healthcare, 42% of which comes from state general revenue.
  • According to IBISWorld, the market size of hospitals in Texas at large is $71 billion. The economic impact of healthcare in Houston alone is $20 billion.
  • The leading healthcare systems in Houston by number of beds are HCA Houston Healthcare, Memorial Hermann Health System , Houston Methodist , and CHI St. Luke's Health .
  • The top pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies headquartered in Houston include Bellicum Pharmaceuticals, Lexicon Pharmaceuticals, Bio-Path Holdings , and Moleculin Biotech .
  • Some of the top medical supplies providers in Houston are US Med-Equip, Complete Medical Supply, Heal Well Medical Supply, and AJ Medical Manufacturing.


  • We found limited data on Houston's healthcare market. During our initial hour of research, we were unable to find any information on its market size. We only found its economic impact and the market size of healthcare in Texas at large.
  • In addition, we could not locate any market size or growth data specific to segments of Houston's healthcare industry, such as healthcare facilities, medical devices, medical insurance & managed care, and pharmaceuticals & related segments.
  • We were unable to locate the top medical insurance/managed care companies in Houston.