Research Outline

UV-C Penetrable Plastic & Materials


To identify readily available sheet plastics or materials that are penetrated by UVC light. This will include a list of materials, research on spectral analysis for each material or details of how much UVC light is let through, and purchase sheets for the materials (3' long, 3" wide, 1/8" thick).

Early Findings

The Definition of UVC

  • According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the three types of UV radiation are classified depending on their wavelength. They differ in the extent to which they can penetrate materials.
  • Short-wavelength UV is referred to as UVC and is the most harmful UV radiation. However, it is completely filtered by the atmosphere.
  • The wavelength of UVC is 100 to 280 nm.

Material Transparency to UVC

Materials that are Transparent to UVC (100-280 nm)

Summary of Early Findings

  • Google Scholar did not provide any academic research that has been conducted on UVC transparency in materials or plastics. Also, any other research that seemed to contain relevant information was paywalled.
  • We have provided the relevant information on the transparency of materials to UVC.
  • The research did not reveal any plastics that are transparent to UVC.