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To identify and obtain contact and background information on the person individual in charge of Vallourec's "Open Innovation Challenge" to discuss with them a possible solution to the challenge. Additionally, to identify and obtain the contact information for the person in charge of new technology development with regard to casings at Vallourec.

Early Findings

  • Vallourec held a challenge in 2017.
  • Vallourec does not specifically name a point-of-contact person for the Open Innovation Challenge. A search of company employees, however, resulted in the name of the Innovation Director at the company.
  • Sylvie Dubois-Decool is the Innovation and Change Management Director at Vallourec.
  • Her LinkedIn profile is
  • Her email is:
  • Vallourec does not make a phone number exclusive to Sylvie Dubois-Decool publicly available, there are however two main phone numbers for the company's location in France, where Sylvie Dubois-Decool is located.
  • The number to use to call the company's Headquarters & Oil & Gas is +33 (0)1 49 09 35 00.
  • The number to use to call the Steam Tubes & Pipes department is +33 (0)1 49 09 36 48.

Educational background:

Professional Background:
  • Sylvie Debois-Decool has been with Vallourec since 2002, holding the following positions: Strategic Controlling member, Plant Manager, Marketing Director & Key Account Manager, and General Manager.
  • She has held the position of Innovation and Change Management Director since January 2014.
  • During her time as Innovation Director at Vallourec, Sylvie Dubois-Decool has worked tirelessly to create a "customized, agile and open culture of innovation."


  • Philippe Carlier is the Senior Vice President of Technology and Industry and supervises all new technology, no matter what department or area it comes from.
  • Vallourec does not provide the names of individual team members or employees who are not members of the executive team.
  • Philippe Carlier's LinkedIn profile is
  • Philippe Carlier's email is

Proposed next steps:

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As the initial research provided information about the Innovation Director in charge of the Open Innovation Challenge and the most senior executive in charge of new technology in general, we recommend continued research into 2-3 trends in casings technology development being used not just by Vallourec, but by other companies in the same space.
Additionally, as our initial research indicated that the Innovation Challenge being held in 2019 is not the first one Vallourec has held, we recommend looking into the history of Vallourec's Innovations. A challenge was held in 2017 as well. What was the purpose of the challenge, who won, and what did they win?