Research Outline

Gaining TikTok and Instagram Followers


To find valuable unorthodox content ideas about how to grow on Instagram and TikTok, including personalities, newsletters, case studies, resources, strategies and tips, etc, in order to share this information with social media followers.

Early Findings

  • This video from a TikTok user with posts with over 1.8 million views states that knowing the social media platform's algorithm is key to increasing exposure and growing in followers. She reveals how TikTok promotes posts based on "watch time," or length of time users watch the video.
  • This video claiming to go from 0 to 100k TikTok followers in one week mentions unorthodox tactics such as making a list of top 20 trends happening on the platform to create a lot of content around. It also mentions posting at certain times throughout the day based on target audience and posting frequently, up to 3-5 times daily.
  • The second recommendation from the last mentioned video states how important it is to post things that have never been seen the platform before, "expanding on what a TikTok can be."
  • An Instagram user with over 10k followers using only organic methods (not buying followers) mentions using unorthodox methods such as commenting on the competitions photos, and even replying to the audience who comments on the competitions photos. She also mentions turning on the notifications for large profiles in a specific niche in order to be one of the first few comments on their posts, instead of getting lost in a sea of comments.
  • A video teaching how to gain Instagram followers fast in 2020 published four months ago with over 235k views, recommends researching popular pages in a specific niche or topic and copying many of these page bios into a word cloud generator tool that will pull out a list of common keywords that may be utilized in posts to gain large amounts of attention.
  • An article with 12 new ways to grow an Instagram account in 2020 lists such methods as working with micro-influencers, and creating an IGTV series.