Research Outline

Beauty and Skincare - VC Investments in China


To have a broad understanding of any VC investment trends in beauty and skincare in China, to better understand the emerging opportunities in the Chinese market for this vertical. An ideal response would provide the biggest areas attracting investment, other than skincare diagnostics devices, AR and virtual makeup try-on (Meitu), and natural/cruelty-free products.

Early Findings

Summary Of Our Early Findings Relevant To The Goals

  • In the initial hour of research we were unable to determine past 3-5 year VC investment trends into skincare/beauty brands and technology in China. The local startup database called Itjuzi discussed in the chat transcript was not usable as it is only in Chinese, and it cannot be translated. We are pivoting the research based on that, and switching to consumer trends which would likely lead to investments in that area.
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