Research Outline

Veterinary Mobile Surgeons


To determine the number of veterinary mobile surgeons that perform orthopedics in the US.

Early Findings

Veterinary Services in the US

  • According to the Barnes Report published in 2017, there were 44,301 veterinary establishments throughout the US.
  • There were 110,531 veterinarians in the US in 2017.
  • 61,606 veterinarians, in private practices, practiced in general medicine/surgery in 2017.
  • The establishments have been divided into 4 groups, namely "hospitals, mobile practices, ambulatory/emergency practices, and both ambulatory and hospitals."
  • Breakdown statistics, in reports, are usually not provided according to the type of establishment but according to the ownership status (e.g. private or corporate practice) and according to the type of medicine (including companion animal exclusive medicine, companion animal predominant medicine, mixed animal healthcare, and all other types).
  • Small to medium companion animal exclusive practices generate the largest revenue shares from medical exams. The revenue share can go up to 30%.

Veterinary Orthopedics

Top Players


  • Initial research has outlined some findings relating to the number of veterinary establishments, the number of veterinarians, and some of the largest veterinary services companies in the US. The number of veterinary mobile surgeons that perform orthopedics in the US is largely unavailable.