Outdoor Design in Naples, FL


To identify outdoor decorating service providers in Naples, Florida and provide details on each, including fee structure, marketing efforts and customer reviews and to identify any licensing requirements for this type of business in Naples, FL.

Early Findings

  • Claudia Leah Design is an interior decorator who designs outdoor spaces in addition to indoor spaces in Naples.
  • Dkor Interiors is another interior decorator that has a specific page on their website dedicated to outdoor decorating.
  • Judith Liegeois Designs is an interior decorator in Naples whose portfolio includes images of outdoor spaces she has designed. However, these appear to be parts of larger home decorating projects that include the entire home and her website does not discuss stand-alone outdoor decorating services.
  • Pure Design is another interior decorator in Naples whose portfolio includes outdoor design images. Again, these appear to be part of larger whole-home decorating projects and there is no mention of stand-alone outdoor decorating services on the company's site.

Proposed next steps:

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Our initial research did not identify any companies or individuals specializing exclusively in exterior/outdoor decorating in the Naples, FL area. We did find two interior decorators who specifically advertise outdoor decorating as a services and two who include outdoor decorating as part of bigger projects in their portfolios. Since these appear to be the most likely competitors to an outdoor decorating company, we suggest continuing the research to provide an overview of the marketing efforts and online reviews of these four companies. We will focus on their marketing efforts and online reviews specific to outdoor space decorating when possible. However, as this service does not appear to be the main focus of these companies, we may need to expand to marketing and online reviews related to decorating services in general. In an effort to identify companies that focus specifically on outdoor decorating, we also suggest doing a search for 2-3 companies with this specific focus in the state of Florida and providing an overview of their marketing efforts and online reviews. If we are unable to find any in Florida, we will expand first to the southeast U.S. and then to the entire U.S. in an effort to find suitable companies for comparison.
None of the interior decorators we found share their prices publicly. They instead ask interested parties to contact them for information. Therefore, we do not believe that finding price structures for specific decorators will be possible. Instead, we suggest research into the average cost of indoor/outdoor decorating services in Florida in general. This will help inform a general understanding of pricing for outdoor decorating services. We will provide average price range for services, either per project or per hour depending on what is available, and a list of 2-3 factors that impact pricing for such services.
Finally, we suggest research into licensing requirements and regulations for exterior decorating services in Naples, FL. We will look into any local or state-level requirements or regulations and provide an overview of each as well as link to the agency that is responsible for implementing each license or regulation.