Gaming Industry Social Impact


To find out examples of social impact platforms that allow employees to to play games to drive social impact, either on their own or side-by-side with gamers.

Early Findings


  • Employees at Microsoft raised $5,000 to supply children's hospitals with gaming karts.
  • One of the fundraising events involved throwing pies at XBOX Marketing Chief Aaron Greenberg.
  • Aaron Greenberg also worked with high-profile video game streamers to participate in fundraising activities to fund the maximum number of gaming karts for hospitals.

GAME Digital Plc

  • In the UK, gaming company GAME Digital surveyed its employees to participate in the choosing of a charity partner which had the best association with the company.
  • The partnership will involve GAME employees raising awareness and funding for the SpecialEffect charity, which supports people with physical disabilities.
  • GAME will use its stores, app, events and esports initiatives to hel promote and fund SpecialEffect.


  • In Canada, UBISOFT employees hosted gaming events where gamers could raise money for children's charities, which reaised $22,000.
  • Other initiatives involved employing hosting a 25-hour livestream in Quebec City, playing various games online against their audience, and raising $12,000 as a result.

Electronic Arts (EA)

  • In Vancouver, 150 EA employees volunteered to participate in building assistive gaming equipment to be used by gamers with disabilities, and then playing against them.
  • The event was called a Buildathon, and following the building of adaptive controllers, both the employees and the gamers with disabilities used the same type of controllers to compete against each other.

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