Research Outline

Video Traffic & Growth Per Platform


Provide additional data on the total video traffic per platform, such as growth rates have been over time, video revenues and expected growth going forward due to consumer and advertiser demand

Early Findings


  • Facebook videos have an average engagement rate of 5.8%.
  • Of all video views, 43.3% of organic viewers watched the complete video, whereas only 31% of viewers of paid videos completed the video.
  • The average length of a Facebook video is 55.3 seconds, and the average view duration is 18.2 seconds.


  • The average length of a viewing session on Youtube is approximately 40 minutes.
  • Over half of Youtube video views are from mobile devices.


  • Video viewing is the third ranked reason people use Twitter, after news and photos.
  • 32% of Twitter users go to Twitter for video viewing.
  • Video based tweets have on average ten times the engagement of tweets with no video.
  • Twitter has 145 million daily users, and it's user base has a predicted growth of .3% by 2020, which is considered a high rate of growth for an established social media platform.