Research Outline

Accessible and highly technical products


To find screenshots and/or videos of products with suitable models for highly technical users, such as data scientists, as well as non-technical users, such as executives to serve as a reference for a new product.

Early Findings


  • Tableau is a data visualization software that allows users to present data and showcase insights.
  • One of the main points of the product is its accessibility and easy-to-understand interface and data, as showcased by the video demonstration.
  • Tableau has a large client base of over 55,000 accounts across several industries. One of its main selling-points is the simplicity of use and the ability to create interactive visualizations.
  • It is considered the "grandmaster of data visualization software," and has numerous advanced database solutions, such as Hadoop, My SQL, SAP, and Amazon AWS, among others.


  • Qlik is considered Tableau’s main competitor, with a customer base of over 40,000. It has a highly customizable setup and wide feature range
  • Qlik’s slogan is “data dashboard made easy.” The software is an analytics solution with the ability to create guided analytics applications and dashboards.
  • Besides the easy-to-use interface, Qlik also provides an advanced analytics toolbox for complex operations.
  • Qlikview and Qliksense are usually worked together to encompass data exploration and discovery.


  • Qubole is a multi-cloud data platform focused on data activation, allowing users to process all types of data sets. It is a single platform for end-to-end big data processing.
  • Qubole allows data scientists to implement models for multiple end-users, allowing all data users, from scientists to business managers, to collaborate on a single platform.