DTC Brands


To obtain insights into the operations of Keeps, Evens, and Cove as DTC brands, specifically who they currently work with for TV campaigns, costs that DTC companies incur on customer shipping as well as ways to determine customer retention levels from sign-up to dropping off the platform.

Early Findings

  • According to industry reports, DTC brands today prefer TV advertising and real-world events over digital advertising.
  • In February 2018, Keeps launched is first National TV campaign through the services of Quirk Creative.
  • In the agency’s website, Keeps’ Co-Founders Steven Gutentag & Demetri Karagas said they "highly recommend Quirk. The team was communicative, easy to work with, came up with great ideas, and worked with us on an aggressive timeline to complete 2 full concepts, including a marathon day of shooting across 3 locations in 2 states."
  • Both Keeps and Cove are companies under the Thirty Madison. They use the same advertising agency, Quirk Creative for TV campaigns.
  • Cove also works with Quirk Creative for TV advertisements. In February 2015, Quirk Creative created ‘The Feeling of Cove’ campaign on behalf of the brand.

Research proposal:

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