Research Outline

Virtual Settings - Activities of Daily Living


Identify examples of companies that have created virtual settings to replace or simulate daily activities. This information will be used to understand how VR is being used for activities outside of gaming.
  • Provide examples of companies that have created different virtual “settings” (e.g., using Virtual Reality) to replace or simulate daily activities in consumers’ lives.
  • If no such examples exist, provide any perspectives on how VR will be used in the future.

Early Findings

Data Availability

The initial round of research indicates that data availability is adequate on this topic.

Example of Virtual Settings in Education

  • ClassVR offers an award-winning VR system to increase engagement and knowledge retention among students of all ages.
  • The company offers standalone headsets that are "fully classroom ready" and don't need any additional mobile device. The ClassVR headset "delivers a fully immersive VR experience whilst being wirelessly managed and controlled" by the company's ClassVR Teacher Portal.
  • ClassVR Portal is a real-time classroom delivery platform which provides teachers access to VR lesson planning and delivery. This portal provides "full control and management of multiple headsets in the classroom, allowing teachers a quick and simple way to send their lesson to multiple headsets and view and monitor student progress."
  • The company's VR solutions are targeted at preschool education, elementary and secondary school education, vocational training, and higher education.
  • ClassVR comes with more than 700 pre-made activities and the ability to create your own content.
  • In addition to virtual reality, augmented reality, and mixed reality learning resources, ClassVR also offers fully immersive and explorable interactive scenes that allow "students to move around and be fully immersed in different scenes whilst learning and researching. ClassVR hold a variety of premade scenes, which teachers can customize."


  • During the initial round of research, we have provided one example of a company that has created virtual settings to replace or simulate daily activities in the education sector.
  • Our research also indicated that VR is being used to create virtual settings to replace or simulate a range of activities in consumers' real lives e.g., in military and defense training, real estate, consumer entertainment, sports, and retail (fashion stores), among several others.
  • Since no geographic focus was provided, we have assumed a global focus for this research.
  • Based on the data availability, we anticipate being able to fully answer the research question and provide additional examples of companies that are offering VR solutions to create virtual settings (i.e., VR solution providers) to replace or simulate a range of activities in consumers' real lives and companies that are using these VR solutions in day-to-day lives.