HT Global Circuits


The goal is to obtain further background information on HT Global Circuits and their executives Ahmad Hamadeh and Doug McBride.

Early Findings

  • HT Global Circuits acquired another printed circuit board manufacturer, Pho-Tronics in April 2017.
  • HT Global Circuits creates printed circuit boards (PCB) for industries including medical, broadcasting, automotive, and lighting.
  • Their products include rigid, rigid-flexible, and flexible PCBs.
  • In addition to their HT Global Circuits and Pho-Tronics locations, they also own High Tech Talents in Jordan.
  • We were unable to find any background information on Ahmad Hamadeh, besides that he has been working for HT Global Circuits since 1990.
  • We did not find any online bio or profile for a Doug McBride of HT Global Circuits. This article lists Hamadeh as the President and CEO of the company. We also checked for the name with Pho-Tronics and High Tech Talents but found nothing.

Proposed next steps:

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There is very little information on HT Global Circuits or Ahmad Hamadeh. We did not find a person named Doug McBride associated with the company or its subsidiaries. Because of this, we suggest a deeper search to find any notable articles or information on the company, clients they have worked with, and any feedback from the community. We can also expand this to the other two companies if needed.