Research Proposal

HT Global Circuits


The goal is to obtain further background information on HT Global Circuits and their executives Ahmad Hamadeh and Doug McBride.

Early Findings

  • HT Global Circuits acquired another printed circuit board manufacturer, Pho-Tronics in April 2017.
  • HT Global Circuits creates printed circuit boards (PCB) for industries including medical, broadcasting, automotive, and lighting.
  • Their products include rigid, rigid-flexible, and flexible PCBs.
  • In addition to their HT Global Circuits and Pho-Tronics locations, they also own High Tech Talents in Jordan.
  • We were unable to find any background information on Ahmad Hamadeh, besides that he has been working for HT Global Circuits since 1990.
  • We did not find any online bio or profile for a Doug McBride of HT Global Circuits. This article lists Hamadeh as the President and CEO of the company. We also checked for the name with Pho-Tronics and High Tech Talents but found nothing.
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