Research Outline

Visual Programming Market Overview


To build a list of companies operating in the visual programming market including, bubble, and To also find relevant details pertaining to each of these companies including a brief description of their business model and its pros and cons, investment history, pricing, user base, key projects,etc.

Early Findings

  • Parabola was founded in the year 2015 as a drag-and-drop visual programming platform to help users create custom reports, workflows, integrations, etc.
  • Till date, the company has raised a total of US$2.2 million in funding from two funding rounds.
  • The latest funding came from the lead investor Matrix Partners on May 22, 2018.
  • Some major clients served by Parabola include the likes of Netflix, Juice Press, Volcom, Panoply, Jobvite, Souvla, etc.
  • Users require credits to run flows in Parabola. The number of credits required depends on how many rows of data the client is processing at a time.
  • Users can have 15 run credits for free per month. To avail 50 run credits per month, clients have to pay US$4 at a rate of US$0.08 per credit.
  • A detailed overview of Parabola’s pricing can be found at this link.
  • Some drawbacks of Parabola, as evident from user reviews, include its crowded space, bugs, and the unavailability of most of the features in the free plan.


  • Bubble, headquartered in the greater New York area, was founded in the year 2012 as a visual programming language for web and mobile applications.
  • Till date, the company has raised US$6.3 million in funding from a total of 20 investors.
  • Bubble helps users to build applications without typing codes.
  • Some applications that are considered as alternatives to Bubble are Ruby-on-Rails and Django.
  • Companies that used Bubble to build their own platforms, tools or tracking systems include the likes of Dividend, Comet, McKinsey and Company, and Plato.
  • Bubble provides four types of pricing options to their users. These pricing plans are termed as hobby, personal, professional and production.
  • While hobby counts as a free plan, users can avail personal, professional and production plans at monthly rates of US$25, US$115 and US$475.
  • As opined by one industry publication, one drawback of Bubble is that it slows down websites and apps that are developed through it.



Other Players

  • Apart from the visual programming platforms or languages mentioned above, there are several other players in the visual programming market which are considered as commercial or enterprise focused.
  • These players are Embrio, DG Solution Builder, AT&T Flow Designer, ReactiveBlocks, GraspIO, Wyliodrin, Zenodys, miniBloq, Blocky, Rasplogic, Noodl and Wia.