Vitner's Daughter Marketing Strategy


Describe the marketing strategy of the skincare brand Vitner's Daughter, with a specific focus on their use of celebrity or influencer marketing tactics in order to inform the marketing strategy of a similar brand that is preparing to launch.

Early Findings


  • Vitner's Daughter was created by April Gargiulo in March of 2014.
  • It has seen rapid growth; from 2016 to 2017 it saw sales growth of over 150%.
  • Founder Gargiulo focuses on consistency, quality, and premium ingredients.
  • Gargiulo also focused on a single product launch, instead of a multi-step product line.
  • While CAP Beauty was the first retail store to offer the brand, right away Gargiulo focused on "retailers across merchandise segments", as long as the retailer's brand fit with Vitner's Daughter's brand.
  • The first big marketing break came when Gargiulo was featured in The Gloss. After that story, orders soared and more luxury retail shops started carrying the product.

Marketing Strategy

Celebrity Endorsements

Influencer Marketing

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