Vladimir Putin


To understand how Vladimir Putin became such a powerful leader and how he carries himself, to apply what he has done to your own life.

Early Findings

  • Vladimir Putin spent years working on becoming the powerful leader he is. Prior to leading Russia he worked in Russian intelligence and local politics.
  • While still in school he approached the KGB security and intelligence agency on how to join.
  • After retiring from the agency, Putin worked for mayor Anatoly Sobchak. Experts theorize that he helped Putin hone is political techniques with strong authoritarian tendencies.
  • In 1996, Putin moved to Moscow and worked his way to becoming the head of the FSB.
  • In 1999, Putin was appointed to the position of Prime Minister. When Yeltsin stepped down, he named Putin president.
  • Putin recognized that groups like the Yeltsin-era oligarchs were powerful and instead of having them as enemies he worked to strike deals with them. He would not interfere with their businesses if they did not criticize or challenge him.
  • At the onset of his Presidency he was seen as an effective bureaucrat, a pragmatist and a market oriented salesman.
  • In 2002, Putin's handling of the seizing of the Moscow Theatre and his unwillingness to negotiate with the hostage takers led to an approval rating of 83%.
  • Vladimir Putin has crafted his image as a strong man, often appearing in photographs topless to show case his body. There are also multiple stories that demonstrate him as a strong man.
  • Putin used his high level network of friends to help him move up in his positions and to remain in power.
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