Voice AI and COVID-19


To learn what the AI and the e-commerce industry is saying about Voice AI and coronavirus, in order to find how Voice AI can help mitigate pain points caused by the epidemic.

Early Findings

Here are four topics talked about surrounding Voice AI and coronavirus:

Coronavirus testing

  • This is the most popoular topic surrounding Voice AI and coronavirus. Researchers have started developing algorithms that could detect if a person is coronavirus-positive from the sound of their voice.
  • A startup called Voca.ai started a project which allows people to anonymously record their voice. These samples are sent for analysis, and researchers are saying there is a high probability biomarkers could find a pattern in how coronavirus-positive individuals speak.

AI companies adding Voice AI solutions for call centers

Coronavirus advice

Combatting quarantine loneliness

  • BBC wrote an article on the topic of how voice assistants can help fight loneliness and connected this to the current quarantine conditions.

Proposed next steps:

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