Volvo Canada


To get details about Volvo Canada's core team and their marketing initiatives.

Early Findings

The first round of research unveiled the following information:

Key People

  • Tara Powadiuk is the newly appointed Director of Marketing for Volvo Car Canada.
  • Matt Girgis is the Managing Director of Volvo Car of Canada Ltd.
  • Adam Kostanowicz is the Sales Director for Volvo Car Group's subsidiary located in Canada.
  • Daniel Martin is the newly appointed Vice President of Network Development for Volvo Car of Canada.
  • Alexandra Cochran is the Head of Platform Activation.

Marketing Initiatives

Volvo Car of Canada & LinkedIn

  • One of the core strengths of the brand lies in its storytelling capabilities, Tara Powdiuk, Director of Marketing, is primarily responsible for launching "marketing initiatives that share the Volvo brand story through digital, experiential, PR, social and traditional channels."
  • The brand used Linkedin as a marketing tool to "accelerate engagement, awareness, consideration, and onsite lead conversion."
  • The marketing team tried multiple advertisement types, including video ads, sponsored content, and carousel ads to attract their audience. They used carousel advertisement as the primary tool to communicate their brand story to their specific online audience. Positive press articles were used as a validation statement for the brand.
  • The brand achieved significant results with Linkedin, and they observed a 75% increase in click-through rates of carousel ads.

Research proposal:

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