Ready-to-Eat Waffles


Provide an analysis of the US ready-to-eat/non-frozen and frozen waffle market, including total grab-and-go breakfast market values/data.

Early Findings

Frozen Waffles and Breakfast Foods

Ready-to-Eat Waffles

  • Initial research did not provide market values for the ready-to-eat, non-frozen waffles market, but proxy data may be available through top ready-to-eat waffle company sizings/analyses.
  • Non-frozen, ready-to-eat waffle producers include Honey Stinger, and large producers such as Pillsbury and Smuckers that make snack/mini waffles products. Comparisons could potentially be made through large producers of their sales of non-frozen waffles versus frozen waffle products.

Proposed next steps:

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We recommend dedicating additional research to providing a list of 10 top ready-to-eat breakfast waffle producers with five companies that make non-frozen, ready-to-eat waffle products, and five companies that make frozen waffles. This would include revenues, and if available, the market share of the ready-to-eat waffles market of each.
Additionally, we would provide competitive landscapes for the top three of the identified ready-to-eat waffles producers in each category, non-frozen and frozen, including any specific sales data that would reference amounts of non-frozen/ready-to-eat waffle products versus frozen waffle products. We would also provide a new and emerging trends analysis of the grab-and-go waffle industry, and the grab-and-go breakfast market as a whole.
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