Walmart Advertising Audit


To perform a creative audit on Walmart advertising over the past 12 months to include television spots, digital video, social media, out-of-home, and sponsorship advertising for purposes of analysis.

Early Findings

Preliminary research indicates there are many examples of Walmart's television advertisements available for analysis. In addition, the company's sponsorships and examples of out-of-home advertisements are also available. However, examples of digital advertisements and social media advertisements have limited availability.


  • In the past 30 days, Walmart has had 16,188 airings of its television advertisements, a sample of which can be found on
  • Walmart's "Beeped It" commercial is a 30-second spot that is currently active. It features a father who is so surprised at the low total of his grocery bill that he asks the cashier if she "beeped" everything. She confirms she has rung up everything and the father gives the cashier a fist bump.
  • Walmart's "Big Day Back" commercial is a 30-second spot that features a mom buying her son a pair of new shoes for the school year from the Walmart app. Then, to the music of Fitz & The Tantrums, her son becomes huge, along with his friends, who all have new school supplies from Walmart. The tag line is Walmart "has all the back-to-school supplies your kids need to go back big."
  • In another back-to-school Walmart 15-second commercial, giant kids ride their bikes, "using the hills as bike ramps" and performing tricks among the clouds. In the ad, Walmart advertises that customers can "shop school supply lists with the Walmart app."
  • There are 17 other Walmart television advertisements from 2019 that can be described from without additional payment.



  • In January 2019, Walmart ran a social media campaign for its grocery pickup services.
  • The campaign used "famous cars from TV and movies to highlight the 'magic moment' of the grocery pickup experience."
  • Famous vehicles included the "Ghostbusters ambulance, Knight Rider Firebird, Dumb & Dumber “Mutt Cutts” van, Scooby Doo Mystery Machine, Jurassic Park SUV, Cinderella glass carriage, Flintstones foot-powered car and Back to the Future flying DeLorean."
  • The advertisements, which ranged in length between 30 seconds to 90 seconds, were placed on television, social media, online videos, radio spots, and in-store media.


  • Examples of Walmart out-of-home advertising can be found here, but it is unknown how recent these billboards and ads are. They are likely to be older than the past year, though, because recently, Walmart moved much of its advertising in-house.
  • An example of the grocery pickup services campaign on a billboard is here.
  • An award-winning billboard campaign for Walmart and its "Savings Every Minute" campaign is here.
  • Walmart teamed with Straight Talk Wireless for these out-of-home billboards in 2018.

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