Walmart Employee Stories


To find stories from Walmart employees, especially with themes around environmentalism, veterans, homelessness, agriculture and education.

Early Findings

  • Here is 1 veteran story: "After I left the Navy and completed graduate school, Walmart was my first job as a civilian, said Valerie Ferrell, Walmart associate in Portsmouth and Navy veteran. “The leadership and organizational skills I learned through my training in the Navy helped me successfully transition and adapt into multiple positions at Walmart. In my role at Walmart I have been able to help recruit veterans and their spouses from every branch of the military and help them make the same successful transition. I am extremely proud to be a part of a company that focuses on hiring veterans and supporting their spouses and families.”
  • Hundreds of stories can be found on this Reddit thread asking for former employees to share their experience.
  • A former Walmart employee made the news for being fired for redeeming $5 credit for recycled bottles. He was formerly homeless when hired by Walmart.
  • Here is another story about an employee giving a homeless the shoes off his feet.
  • This article has some stories about employees calling for gun safety at work.
  • Here is a story about a Walmart employee that built an app to help workers more effectively price match.
  • Many websites publish "true stories" of Walmart employees, where employees can anonymously reveal controversial activities at their employers. Here are several: Gawker, Ranker, Business Insider, Whisper, Tickld and Readers Digest.

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