Antisemitism in Birmingham and Liverpool


To obtain background information about antisemitism in Birmingham and Liverpool in the United Kingdom, to include current state of the Jewish communities and brief history of them, number of antisemitic violent attacks in the cities, number of immigrants and their origins, political power and beliefs in the cities, antisemitic/anti-Israel organizations/individuals in the cities and what the press is saying about Israel, in the UK. This will be used to devise a potential project aimed at combating violence and antisemitism.

Early Findings

  • Birmingham Yardley MP, Jess Phillips has been advocating for change to win the trust of the Jewish community in her fight against "anti-Jewish hate", if selected as the Labour Party's leader.
  • It was said that there are some members of the party who are considered as antisemitic. Members who aren't are calling for the removal of members who are known to be antisemitic.
  • This has pushed other MPs to defend their records. The Jewish community however, is fearful of the Labour Party becoming the leaders, should they win the election.
  • A recent arrest was made of an individual who engaged in antisemitic abuse of Jewish children while traveling on the Northern Line.
  • Some universities, like the University of Birmingham are accepting of students from the Jewish community and is not affected by political affiliations. On the other hand, in others like, the Coventry University, antisemitic abuse is experienced by the Jewish students.
  • London is considered to be the worst as it relates to anti-Israel activities on the capital's universities' campuses.
  • In Liverpool, Luciana Berger, MP left the Labour Party due to the rise of antisemitism within the party and this saddened the people of the Wavertree constituency.
  • A declaration was recently signed in Liverpool in the fight against antisemitism following the resignation of two Jewish MPs from the Labour Party, Luciana Berger and Louise Ellman.
  • The declaration was signed by rabbis, politicians as well as academics and had close to 100 signatures.
  • In 2019, Liverpool's Momentum co-chair was suspended after allegedly sharing antisemitic messages on social media that went against the party's rules.
  • In September 2019, 2,232 asylum seekers were accommodated in Liverpool City region.
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