Home Decor and Tabletop Consumer Insights


To provide insights on consumer motivation, influences, pain points and inspiration when buying home and tabletop products. Research will be used to strengthen Indigo's brand positioning and improve customer consideration in the homeware and tabletop market.

Early Findings


The 2018 Retail Trends Report: Home Furnishings Edition reported the following consumer insights:
  • 20% of Millennial customers have purchased furniture and home goods using their smartphone.
  • 32% of Millennial customers said they expect free shipping for all items at all times.
  • 41% of customers are loyal to brands that enable them to design and personalize products.
  • 43% of Millennial and Baby Boomer customers said they expect extra conveniences from retailers.


  • The New York Post identified the following pain points for consumers buying homeware and home furnishings in 2017.
  • Products that do not fit modern consumers' life.
  • Overwhelming variety of choices that made selection difficult.
  • Lack of affordable options somewhere between low-priced Ikea and higher-end brands.
  • Products that were hard to move and pack.
  • Delivery of oversized shipments such as furniture were also a pain point for consumers, according to Furniture Today.
  • 16% of surveyed consumers said they had to figure out how to transport an oversized item themselves instead of relying on the seller.
  • 15% said they missed a day's work while waiting for a delivery.
  • 11% said they felt a whole day was wasted tracking a purchase.
  • 11% said they had a verbal conflict with the customer service during the product delivery process.


Proposed next steps:

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