Research Proposal

Mental Health Internet searches in the UK


Provide data concerning the number of Gen Z and Millennials that use the internet to search for information about mental health - i,e, looking for knowledge on emotionally driven searches. An ideal response would provide a percentage of the population of the UK conducting searches on a daily, weekly and annual basis.

Early Findings

Data Availability

An initial round of research shows the information is not available in the public forum. However, some data is available which may allow us to extrapolate an approximation of the requested information.

Early Findings

  • In order to calculate an approximation, the breakdown of the UK population by generation and the number of internet searches in the UK for mental health are required.


  • The base data needed to calculate the number of Gen Z and Millennials conducting emotionally based searches looking for information on mental health can be extrapolated from the available data.
  • Assumptions made to calculate searches by generation include
    • All members of both generations have roughly equal access to the internet.
    • The UK reports demographic data in a format that supports the age breakdowns per generation shown above,
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