Research Outline

Women's Leadership Conferences 2021


To obtain a list of women's leadership and/or award conferences being held in 2021, along with the date. The focus should be on events in the media, tech, entrepreneurship/female founders, business, and the entertainment industries, and should at a minimum include conferences by Aspen Institute , Milken Institute , The UN, Forbes , Fortune , Fast Company , Inc. , Entrepreneur , CNBC, CNN , Hollywood Reporter , The New York Times, Vogue , USA Today , Reuters , and Thrive.

Early Findings

  • The Aspen Institute currently has 32 events listed for 2021. None of those listed could be classified as conferences that are looking for speakers in any of the industries of interest.
  • The Milken Institute did not provide any details on 2021 conferences. Instead, interested parties are asked to contact a member of the Events team.

The UN

  • The UN breaks out conferences by year and month. In January 2021, there are 23 events, three of which appear to be conferences. None of the conferences are related to women's leadership.
  • There were no conferences listed in February 2021.
  • The two conferences in March are not related to women's leadership.

Women's Leadership Conference of Southern Oregon

2021 ICAN Women's Leadership Conference

Best Conferences for Women

  • According to Fariy God Boss, the best conferences for women include NAFE Top Companies for Executive Women, Catalyst Conference, Financial Women's Association International Business Conference, and WIN Summit.

Summary of Findings

  • We were able to conduct searches for women's leadership conferences sponsored by the Aspen Institute and the Milken Institute, as well as a partial search of UN sponsored conferences, in our initial research. None of these resulted in finding any specific conferences that met the give criteria.
  • Some conferences were found by doing a general search, regardless of who the sponsoring organization was. However, these conferences have a wide range of number of attendees, target audience, and geographic location. In order to ensure that the best fitting events are being provided, details on any specific conference requirements (including size and location) would be needed.