Research Proposal

Game Day Food Delivery


To understand trends surrounding food delivery on game days, such as which types of food are most ordered and which sport or sports people are most likely to order food while watching.

Early Findings

  • According to a report from BiteSquad, the five most-delivered foods on football Sundays are cream cheese wontons, pizza, mozzarella sticks and cheese curds, burgers, and ribs.
  • Based on data from GrubHub, the most popular game day foods in the United States are smoked brisket sandwiches, cheeseburger empanadas, pepper burgers, roasted chicken, and buffalo mac & cheese.
  • Broken down by region, the most popular game day foods in the Midwestern United States are chicken shawarma sandwiches, gyro sandwiches, fried pickles, boneless wings, and potato wedges.
  • In the Northeast United States, the most popular game day foods are salmon avocado rolls, garlic knots, buffalo chicken pizza, grilled chicken, and BBQ spare ribs.
  • In the Southern United States, the five most popular game day foods are Mexican pizza, pork egg rolls, lettuce wraps, chips & queso, and fried pickles.
  • The five most popular game day foods in the Western United States are sweet and sour pork, lemon chicken, Mongolian beef, spicy chicken, and chili cheese fries.
  • About 49 million people throughout the United States order takeout or delivery on Superbowl Sunday, as compared to fewer than five million on a typical Sunday.
  • About 60 percent of Superbowl Sunday food deliveries include pizza.
  • While they aren't identified as the most popular food delivery item in any report, about 1.25 billion wings are eaten on Superbowl Sunday, and they are considered the second most popular Superbowl snack, just behind pizza.
  • In New England, the most popular Superbowl foods are noodle bowls, while in Philadelphia the favorite is buffalo wings.
  • The five states in the U.S. which order the most food delivery on game days are Washington D.C., Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Massachusetts, likely "because of the massive populations and big-market teams in the" Northeast United States.


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