Research Proposal

California Building Permit Expeditors


To obtain a list, with contact information, of building permit expeditors in 13 California counties. Land-use consultants are acceptable as an alternative, but only local expeditors and consultants should be provided, not ones that operate nation- or state-wide. Expeditors should be limited to three per county.

Early Findings

  • Sacramento Design Group offers permit expediting services in many northern California counties including El Dorado, Placer, and Yolo.
  • Midkiff & Associates offers land use and permitting services for several counties in California and Nevada, including El Dorado and Placer.
  • These businesses were not added to the attached spreadsheet as they did not meet the specific criteria outlined in the request.

Summary of Initial Findings

  • The findings from our initial search appear light because time spent searching for expeditors in the first two counties, Amador and Butte, did not uncover any expeditors that could be considered local.
  • Although we found expeditors for three California counties in the initial search, the companies are not sole proprietors, and they operate in several counties.
  • Our search process for Amador County included looking on the county's building department site for a list of recommended consultants; searching Craigslist for Sacramento, Modesto, and Stockton, as they are all within 60 miles of Amador County; conducting a general Google search; and searching LinkedIn.
  • If the expeditors found in the initial search are acceptable, let us know in the comments below and they will be added to the spreadsheet. Additionally, that would allow us to expand the criteria for the remaining counties which may allow us to find additional expeditors.
  • It is possible, even with slightly expanding the criteria, that expeditors will not be found for all the counties.
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