Research Outline

Wellness and D&I Investors


To find tech investors, accelerators and incubators that focus on diversity and inclusion and/or value entrepreneurial well-being and development that are based in the USA and/or Canada.
  • Focus is on investors, accelerators and incubators that help companies around Series A.
  • The priority is on investors, accelerators and incubators that prioritize entrepreneurs' well-being or that have a value of "increasing happiness".
  • Provide contact information, LinkedIn page, examples of Startups funded, and link to their program application page if available.

Early Findings


  • The initial hour was focused on finding accelerators, VCs, and Incubators that care about the wellness and happiness of founders and are focused on diversity and inclusion.
  • Data on VCs, Accelerators, and Incubators that are focused on diversity and founders' wellness/happiness is limited. When we found a company that cares about founders mental welllness, we couldn't always find evidence that they have a fund focused on funding under-represented groups or any article or dirct evidence that suggests that they care about diversity and inclusion when funding startups. This is not to say, they don't; we just couldn't find direct evidence they did in the initial one hour of research.


  • ABQid is an accelerator based in Albuquerque, New Mexico that is proactive in addressing the health and wellness of its founders.

Venture Capitals


  • We were able to an accelerator and 2 Venture Capital firms that care about founders' wellness. We were unable to find any incubator during the hour of research and initial research suggests data on investors that care about diversity and inclusion and wellness and happiness may be limited,

Suggested Industry

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