Research Outline

Depression Management and Suicide Prevention Apps


To understand the similarities and differences between depression management and suicide prevention apps by looking at each app's features, advantages (pros), and disadvantages (cons). This will also include details on which features are missing and which features are important in the industry.

Early Findings

  • There are numerous available apps on depression management and suicide prevention. Some apps are focused on depression management, some are focused on suicide prevention, and few are focused on both depression management and suicide prevention.
  • In a 2019 study by Martinengo et al. entitled "Suicide prevention and depression apps' suicide risk assessment and management: a systematic assessment of adherence to clinical guidelines," about 2,690 relevant apps were initially searched but only 69 apps met the study's inclusion criteria. Of the 69 apps that were assessed, "there were 20 depression management apps (29%), 3 (4%) depression management and suicide prevention apps, and 46 (67%) suicide prevention apps." Out of the 20 depression management apps, eight (12%) are chatbots.

Missing and Important Features

Depression Management Apps

  • Some depression management apps include Moodpath, TalkLife, Moodtools, 7Cups, Sanvello, and Youper.

1. Moodpath

2. TalkLife

  • TalkLife is an app that "offers connection and community support similar to group therapy." This app provides a "safe space to talk openly about depression with others who get it." It has a 4.6-star rating on iPhone and a 4.3-star rating on Android.

Suicide Prevention Apps

Summary of Early Findings

  • We have provided some details regarding the missing and important features of the app, as well as examples of depression management and suicide prevention apps. We have also spent the initial hour of research looking for the availability of the needed information.
  • We didn't have enough time to provide details for each app but we can do so with further hours of research.