Research Outline

Certified Annual Financial Reports.


To interpret the certified annual financial reports of Oak Park, Illinois, Illinois, and Evanston, Illinois.

Early Findings

Oak Park, Illinois

Net Position

  • Oak Park's "total net position in 2018 increased by $2,728,769, or 119% from the fiscal year’s beginning balance of $2,290,777 to an ending balance of $5,019,546."
  • The governmental activities portion of net position decreased by 1.7% or $1,487,886, to $(87,343,916), as liabilities increased to a greater extent compared to assets.

Government Activities

  • For the fiscal year ended December 31, 2018, revenues from Governmental Activities totaled $90,350,103, a 10.3% increase, or $8,402,878, from 2017.
  • Property Taxes generated 53.0% of the Village’s revenue stream or $47,900,824. Other taxes of $22,066,757 are primarily attributable to the
  • Village’s utility, sales, state income and real estate transfer taxes realizing an increase of $1,196,067 from the 2017 fiscal year.
  • For the fiscal year ended December 31, 2018, expenses from Governmental Activities totaled $86,957,530, a $1,448,009 decrease from the 2017 fiscal year amount of $88,405,539, predominately related to decreases in economic and community development expenditures.

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